Monday, December 28, 2009

So, here we go...

OK, so I have never "blogged" before. I've never really had anything interesting enough to blog about. But our family of 4 will be moving from our home of 12 years in Colorado Springs, CO to the Big Island of Hawaii in the next 5 I finally have something to blog about (not that I've been looking for something).

We have alot of planning to do. We've begun to sell some things and still have alot of things for sale on craigslist (hot tub, pop-up camper...and will be selling our Ford Excursion as well). Dave will be going out in Feb. or Mar. and the kids and I will stay until school is out and join him in late May.

I really should take some pictures to post of today - beautiful, sunny Colorado day. Dave is out sledding in the back with some of the kids and Maici is in the hot tub with some friends - so we have a good contrast of where we started to compare with pictures of when we finally arrive in Hawaii. I'm not sure how to add those yet - so look for them later.

Well, I guess that's enough for now - at least a little intro into my blog and what you can expect to find here over the next few months! Thanks for reading!


(OK, so now it's later and I just added these pics):

Here is Maici in the hot tub with her friends Lauryn and Kennedy.

Dave is on the trampoline with our friends daughter Molly.

These are our 2 beagles, Abby and Bailey.

This is my brother Chad's dog Sadie. She is a one year old Great Dane who we are dogsitting.


  1. Not sure how a blog works. I hope it is a 2 way conversation. I hope that the preparations move smoothly for you all.

    Hawaii. Just the sound of that word is so attractive.

    I know you will put your whole heart into this new location. Big changes. Here we GO!


  2. Hi Dad. A blog is not as much of a 2 way conversation as facebook, but you can comment on posts and when I read them I can comment back (like this).

    Here we GO!