Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I'm trying to learn something new, so this is just an experiment.

Ok, so this seems to have worked (although I'm not sure why my font turned blue again - it did this on my last post and then when it changed back to black, it was underlined!).

I'm still trying to decide on color schemes for the house. I have painted 2 walls in the living room aqua and I love it. So the living room is aqua and brown. But the living room and kitchen are open and blend together, so the kitchen has to coordinate. I think I want to do lime green and aqua in the kitchen. I was looking online for inspiration and I found some beautiful inspiration boards on all these wedding blogs! SO, I'm gonna try to make some with ideas for my house but am trying to teach myself how. So bear with me here....this is just an experiment, I haven't given this inspiration board ANY thought whatsoever!

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